Gordon+Greineder is dedicated exclusively to inventive and highly detailed residential design. Our objective is to impart an artistic feel for spatial relationships and materials along with a practical appreciation for the technical requirements of real world, 21st-century construction.

The role of Gordon+Greineder is to realize our clients’ vision as an expression of their way of life—to distill their aesthetic and programmatic needs, their desires, and create an elegant home that is an extension of their personalities. Our reputation is for attention to detail and timeless craftsmanship—whether the desired aesthetic is traditional period accuracy or a more contemporary expression.

It is very important to Gordon+Greineder that the design and construction of a home, often a process of several years, be an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. We take pleasure in the relationships we develop over the course of each project and believe in the value of teamwork. As homes become ever more complex and technically sophisticated, the collaboration of a group of skilled technicians and craftsman from a variety of disciplines is essential. We find that a close dynamic between the client, contractor and designer allows for an easier exchange of ideas, leading to greater innovation from the entire team.

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